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Dwight Ligham, MD

Dwight Ligham, MD - Director

Dr Ligham has a Master’s Degree in counseling and has ten years of experience working with the disabled in vocational and functional rehabilitation. He has combined this expertise with his extensive knowledge of pain and disability. Dr Ligham attended medical school at the State University of New York Medical Center in Syracuse, New York, graduating cum laude in 1992.

He completed his anesthesiology training and pain medicine postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. Board certification in anesthesiology was granted in 1997 with Subspecialty Certification in Pain Management in 1999. Dr Ligham is a member of the Medical Honor Society Alpha Omega Alpha and has earned numerous awards throughout his career including the prestigious Merck Award for academic excellence. He has published multiple articles in the field of pain medicine.  

Adler, a famous German physician, taught that the life path each of us takes is driven by the weakness each of us sees within ourselves.

I have always been heavy since my earliest memories. While a pre-teen, my mother, seeing me hurt socially by my weight, enrolled me in an amphetamine-based weight loss clinic. Over the years I have used various methods to lose weight: fad diets, point-based eating systems and many others. Lose weight I did, up to 50 lbs per diet. But after achieving the goal, my weight always returned. Each time, I felt guilty, self-conscious, and a failure.

Then, in my 50’s, I realized that losing weight was not about a diet, but about a change in behavior. It was understanding what food was: emotionally…not nutritionally. This insight helped me go from a waist size of 42 to 33 inches and from a weight of 265 lbs to 165 lbs!

My passion is helping patients to be successful in achieving and maintaining their goals. If I can do it…then anyone can. Let me show you how!

—Dr. Dwight Ligham

Andrew McDowell, PA-C

Andrew McDowell, PA-C

Andrew McDowell completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Health Sciences at the University of Connecticut, Storrs. He has worked as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician for the Ambulance Service of Manchester, transporting and caring for critically ill patients. He went on to complete his Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies with High Honors at SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse. He completed his clinical internship through Columbia Memorial Hospital, learning and training with numerous physicians in multiple disciplines. He is strongly dedicated to patient care and the health and wellness of others. 



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